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Digital Photography

Camera Contract
Camera Handling
Restore an old photo
Fill a Word With an Image
Digital Poetry
Mandala #1
mandala #2
Elements & Principles and composition ppt.
Elements/Principles/Composition definitions
Elements and Principles Collage Assignment
Changing color to Black and White
Colorize 3 Photos
Composition Photo Shooting Assignment
Composition Grading Rubric
Warhol Tiles

Artist Powerpoint Requirements
Powerpoint Vocabulary Review Period 2
How to make a pinhole camera

Pinhole Powerpoint
Self Portrait Assignment
Eraser Tutorial

Macro powerpoint
Macro Photo Assignment
Panoramic Photo Assignment

Decade/ Event/ Issue Photoshop Assignment

Quarter 2

Intro to Layer masks

Surreal Animals With Layer Masks

Critique Requirements
Book Layout
Shutter Speed/ Aperture Assignment
Shutter Speed/ Aperture ppt. of examples

Shutter Speed/ Aperture Explained
Company Logo
Logo ppt .
Creating Type on a Path
Lighting ppt. Examples
Lighting Assignment
Parody Powerpoint
Parody Assignment
GIF Animation
Morphing Animation
Text Half Portrait
Monkey Jam Instructions
WeVideo Instructions
Warped Photo Collage
Improve 5 Photos
File Formats
Final Exam Review
Final Exam - Photoshop half

Digital Photo II

Mini Bridge
Transparent Text
Typography Portrait
Fill Text with Different Photos
Add a Copyright to your photos
Add a Watermark
Urban Ink
Alphabet Photos
Composition PPT. Examples & Assignment

Elements and Principles Collage with Student Photos

Fire Text

Interweaving Face
Interweaving Face Simplified
Clone Yourself
Contemporary Character in Famous Painting
Pinhole Cameras Part II
Dispersion Effect
HDR Effect #1

HDR #2
Manipulation Tutorial
Surreal Photocomposite
Tablet Animal Painting
Cybernetic Woman Part 1
Cybernetic Woman Part 2
Cybernetic Woman Part 3
Cybernetic Woman Part 4
Cybernetic Woman Part 5
Cybernetic Woman Part 6
Article Review

Powerpoint on a Photographic Style/Issue/History
Text Half Portrait
Demon Collage
1. Illustrator Shape Basics
2. Illustrator Direct Selection, Patterns, Gradients
3. & 4. Illustrator Line and Pen Tool
5. Illustrator Grouping and Isolating
6. Illustrator Text Tool

Pop Out Photo Effect
Create a Retro Postcard

Art Foundations

Art Experience
Name Patterns
Elements & Principles Definitions
Elements & Principles examples
Powerpoint Requirements
Upside Down Drawing
Drawing Boot Camp
Value Mandala

Powerpoint Vocabulary Review Period 1
Powerpoint Artist Review Period 1
Powerpoint Vocabulary Review Period 4.5
Powerpoint Artist Slide Review Period 4.5
Powerpoint Vocabulary Review Period 10
Powerpoint Artist Slide Review Period 10
Grid Drawing

Color definitions
Georgia O'Keeffe Chalk Flowers

Oil Pastels and Impressionism
Charcoal drawing

Critique Format
Personal Logo Prints

Personal Logo Plan Sheet
3-D Letters

One Point Perspective
Letter Explosion

Final Exam Review



Grade Sheet Terms Explained
Ceramics Definitions and Terms
Pinch Pots
Mask Reading
Mask Worksheet
Mask Assignment
Uses and Sources of Clay Reading
Uses and Sources Worksheet
Glaze Reading
Glaze Worksheet
Box Brainstorming Worksheet
Slab Box Assignment

Throwing Assignment
Coil Pot based on Chinese Bronzes
Critique Format

Book Sculpture Assignment

Throwing Set of 4